SPEDIDAM defined a policy in terms of artistic and cultural action, which prioritizes developing performers’ employment through initiatives to assist creation, broadcast live performances, and train performers.

SPEDIDAM promotes for example :
• artists employment growth
• support for artistic careers
• the structuring and professionalization of the music and dance business sectors
• search for eclecticism and a geographical balance
• fundamental long-term action instead of one-off actions
• cultural diversity.

In order to promote the employment of performers and to safeguard their rights, SPEDIDAM has developed its aid in recording film music. This is the logical extension of the financial support available from other societies in the field of records.

The SPEDIDAM has set up actions and events with several partners to initiate the ‘Generation SPEDIDAM’ project, allowing professional performers to launch or develop their careers.

In 2009 ‘Generation SPEDIDAM’s’ programmes have supported and promoted many highly talented performers, who got the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences in emblematic venues. These programmes aim to cover all musical genres.

Due to falling resources and increased job insecurity for performers, the financial support for live performances has strenghtened its actions to the most economically fragile musical genres, and to other sectors like musicals and dance.